10 Good Bathroom Cleaning Tips

Though we spend only a few minutes at a time in our bathrooms, the average person actually ends up spending more than a year of their lifetime in their bathrooms! Now, that should give you some incentive to finally get around to that bathroom cleaning that you have been putting off.

Bathroom cleaning tips

Dust the ceiling and walls

First of all, you must begin the bathroom cleaning process by dusting off the walls and ceilings before you proceed with anything else.

Dust the vents and fans

Dusty vents and fans will only constantly re circulate the dust in your bathroom. You will need to take some time off to dust them before you carry out the rest of the bathroom cleaning.

Take down drapes or curtain or blinds

If your bathroom is decorated with drapes or curtain, you will need to have them uninstalled and cleaned separately.

Scrubbing the shower area and the bath tub

This is one job where you are going to require some real good bathroom cleaning tips. If there is a lot of soap scum , you must use a good commercial cleaner to first soak the soap scum before trying to scrub it away. Many people try their own cleaning solutions that will often contain vinegar as an ingredient. However, vinegar will eat through grout that is used to line up tiles. Commercial cleaners are a better choice in the bathroom.

Don’t forget the toilet

If you really want a very clean bathroom, you are simply going have to clean the toilet very thoroughly as well. You must clean the crevices, handles and all the spaces that can be a breeding ground for bacteria.

Cleaning the medicine cabinets

Medicine cabinets should be very clean as it might be the place where you keep your medications. When lightly dusting the medicine cabinets, look for outdated medications that will need to be thrown out.

Cleaning the mirror

To clean mirrors without leaving streaks or smudges, simply use newspaper. It works amazingly well as it does not leave any streaks.

Clean out the bathroom rugs

Bathroom rugs will have to be cleaned thoroughly. If possible, launder them separately with a heavy duty detergent and then put them back in the bathroom after they have dried.

Sweep the floor and mop it

To clean your bathroom floor, use an old towel instead of a mop. After sweeping out the floor, use a disinfectant on the floor and get down on your knees to mop the floor with the old towel. If you want to do it standing up, just use your barefoot to move the towel around like a mop.

Trash can cleanup

Make sure you clean out the garbage can before you finish up your bathroom cleaning. Also, if the garbage can is stained, you will need to clean that out as well.