Mattress Cleaning Tips

Though the quality of mattresses these days are quite amazing, one must understand that even the most expensive models will require mattress cleaning every now and then. Allergens and dust mites are found even in the cleanest of homes, which is why mattress cleaning is very important.
Also, we spend about 30% of our life on top of a mattress. That should give you the motivation to carry out your mattress cleaning on a more regular basis.

Flip your mattress!

Every 6 months, simply flip your mattress around. This will allow the mattress to wear and tear in a more even manner. However, you must remember that not all mattresses can be flipped and some will have a designated top and bottom layer.

Buy a mattress cover

Many mattress covers are being sold these days. They will be washable and will make mattress cleaning a whole lot easier for you. Some will even be resistant against dust mites and allergies. If you are buying a new mattress, you can even ask for a fitted mattress cover that will often be specifically sold for that particular mattress type.
When cleaning out mattress coves, try to use chlorine bleach, unless the mattress cover specifically instructs you not to use bleach. Also, when drying mattress covers, use a low setting in the dryer as drying with a high setting can shrink the mattress cover, making it difficult to fit afterwards.

Vacuum your mattress

Dust mites and other allergens begin to layer on your mattress if you do not vacuum it regularly. Use the upholstery attachment that comes with most vacuum cleaners to thoroughly vacuum all sides of a mattress. If anyone in the house has allergies, the mattresses should be vacuumed quite consistently.

Use a mattress shampoo

If the mattress has been stained, you will need to use shampoo during your mattress cleaning. However, you must make sure that you do not get the inside layers of the mattress wet. Use a wrung out sponge that was previously soaked in mattress cleaning shampoo to lightly clean the soiled area. If possible, leave the mattress outdoors until it dries. If not, use a fan to completely dry the area before putting the sheets back on.

Hiring mattress cleaning companies

There are companies these days that offer mattress cleaning services. Such companies will use high intensity UV rays to kill germs and dust mites that might be found on the mattress. Such companies might also use commercial grade vacuum cleaners that will be stronger than the vacuum cleaners that are generally found in the house.
However, if one followed the do it yourself mattress cleaning tips mentioned earlier, there is no reason why they will need the services of a specialized mattress cleaning company as mattress cleaning can easily be carried out by homeowners themselves. If one is interested, they can even buy the UV sanitizers that are now sold in some home improvement/department stores.