Cleaning a Kitchen – Tips to Make Cleaning a Kitchen an Easier Task

A clean and sparkling kitchen will provide cooks with an inspiration and encouragement to cook. Needless to say, a clean kitchen is also a very sanitary kitchen, where one can prepare healthy and tasty food for their family.

However, cleaning a kitchen can dampen many spirits and most people groan at even the thought of cleaning a kitchen. But, with a few good tips, cleaning a kitchen can be an easy task that one might even actually end up enjoying.
Without much further ado, let us get to the tips on cleaning a kitchen.

Cleaning up food that might have burned on a pan

If you have burned something in a pan, discard the food and then add some dishwasher soap to the pan and add about half a cup of water. Then, bring the pan to a boil and then allow it to cool. Cleaning the pan will be a breeze after this.

Cleaning up spilled food in the oven

If your butter fingers resulted in a spill in the oven, you can sprinkle some salt on the spilled food. The sprinkled salt will allow you to clean up the spill very easily afterwards. Many people usually have the toughest time in cleaning a kitchen when they are confronted with an oven clean up. However, this simple tip can make that process a little easier.

Cleaning your microwave

To clean your microwave, use a microwaveable cup to mix about 3 tablespoons of vinegar and lemon juice with four glasses of water. Then, use the microwave on a high setting for about 4 minutes. After this, just wipe the walls of the microwave with a clean paper towel.

Cleaning out clogged drains

A clogged drain can be a nightmare when cleaning a kitchen. To get rid of a clogged drain quickly, pour down about a cup of baking soda into the clogged drain. Then, pour down about half a cup of white vinegar. After this, wait about 10 minutes before pouring down some boiling water to flush the drain. It should be enough to unclog the drain and allow you to continue with cleaning a kitchen.

Cleaning mineral deposits on your faucets

If your faucets have a greenish tinge to them, it means that it contains lime and mineral deposits that have accrued over time. To remove these as part of cleaning a kitchen, simply wrap these faucets with paper towels that have been soaked in vinegar, for about 45 minutes. After this, just wipe down the faucets with clean paper towels to reveal shiny faucets that are just as good as new.

Don’t use a sponge

Many people use a sponge to clean a kitchen. However, when cleaning a kitchen, a sponge simply spreads the germs around. Sponges can lead to cross contamination, especially when they are used on countertops. Disposable paper towels are a much better choice.