Tips To Clean An Oven

Dirty Oven

If you are reading this article, it would probably mean that you made a mess in your oven that now requires a cleanup. Even the most experienced cooks will sometimes have to pay attention to chores such as oven cleaning as it is quite easy to make a mistake with oven cooking, causing a meal to spill over and stick to the surface.

Below, you will find a few quick tips on oven cleaning that will hopefully make the oven cleaning task less arduous.

Oven cleaning tips

Identify the oven type

The market has a huge selection of ovens these days and you will first need to establish the type of oven that you have. Some ovens are self cleaning while some are not self cleaning. Some will have some special properties such as a textured surface that will require some level of specialized oven cleaning. In any case, you should first quickly skim through the oven cleaning section in the oven’s owner’s manual before you proceed with your oven cleaning.

Self cleaning ovens

If your oven is a self cleaning oven , you will be well advised to use it on a regular basis, preferably after every use. The self cleaning option will reduce the spills and other mess to ash that can easily be wiped away. When using the self cleaning option, try to keep a window open in your kitchen as the self cleaning option can produce a small amount of smoke, whose odor will otherwise stick to your walls and carpets. Self cleaning ovens might also require a little bit of manual oven cleaning in the sense that the door will have to be wiped down with a simple soap solution. However, be careful not to water the gasket that lines the doors and also never use abrasive cleaning materials when cleaning self cleaning ovens.

Textured ovens

These ovens are often marketed as continuous cleaning ovens or automatic cleaning ovens as they contain a porcelain texture that will burn off food that spills over, as and when it happens. To clean this porcelain surface, one will have to wait until the oven has cooled down and then simply use a damp cloth to clean the porcelain surface. Never use abrasives or even cleaning solutions on this porcelain surface.

For non self cleaning ovens

Non self cleaning ovens will require the most maintenance. Many people try to avoid regular oven cleaning by covering the bottom of such ovens with aluminum foil. While this can save some effort, one must understand that the foil should not be blocking any air vents that might be at the bottom of the oven. For regular oven cleaning, one must use a hot, wet cloth during the oven cleaning process and simply wipe off any debris in the oven. If the spills have build up over time, a more rigorous oven cleaning, requiring some muscle will be required and one might have to use a mild scrubbing pad and oven cleaner solution to carry out the cleaning.